Individual Coaching Options: 


1:1 Coaching with me brings you clarity on the issues that are causing your suffering, and how to address them.

I integrate both body and mind.

Somatic coaching is where we use the body's sensations and cues to understand and reprogram subconscious patterns.

It's kinda like going in to a computer's old programs and reprogramming what's not working so the computer can run smoothly.

Sessions are 60 min and held over zoom.  


There are 2 ways to work with me 1:1

1-Members of Alignment Academy can book one 1:1 session with me per month at a discounted rate.

2- 1:1 Packages for 6 months- meeting weekly (27 sessions)


What people are saying about Somatic Coaching with Betsy


"Betsy is a fantastic somatic practitioner who guided me into a powerful new insight about a longstanding issue in a way that talking it out would have never done. 

 I experienced a permanent shift from the session that changed how I was seeing a situation and completely shifted how I was acting in it. 

 Weeks later, I'm still different in good ways... If you're still banging your head against the wall about something that isn't shifting with just talking it out, go to Betsy."

"For over 10 years I struggled with fatigue, pain and burnout in spite of multiple good doctors (including myself!) helping me. 

I was constantly fearful and frustrated about what my own body was "doing to me."

Starting with love, acceptance, and knowledge, Betsy has walked me through this truly transforming process with her uniquely beautiful heart and skill set."

"Betsy helped me enormously with my chronic pain.

I had thought that I had to live with my chronic pain the rest of my life, but I decided just to try mind management with Betsy. I mean I already tried ignoring it. I tried medications, exercises, stretching and it didn't help rid myself of the pain all over my body.

After working with Betsy, my body was the best that it had been in the last 20 years.

I cannot thank Betsy enough for her guidance. It was better than anything that I could have done for myself on my own."

"Betsy's coaching is unparalleled in combing the latest neuroscience, life-coaching tools, and some somatic experiences to deeply understand the cause of your pain or physical symptoms and to move forward with healing.

Through my work with Betsy, I have healed decades-long chronic diagnoses and come off of ALL my medications.

I know it sounds too good to be true but it isn't - Betsy has it figured out and she can help you!"




My monthly membership program, Alignment Academy, has two group calls per week, plus written coaching anytime on Slack!

There are Modules you can watch to learn the principles of brain rewiring and nervous system regulation to get you out of chronic pain.

Plus calls are recorded on a Private Podcast you can listen to on your time.

When you hear someone else get coached, you can take the principles and apply them to your situation.

You can see that what you're going through is normal, and banish shame by talking about things in front of a group.

If you want a more affordable coaching option than 1:1, plus the synergy and support of being in a group, then the Alignment Academy Membership is perfect for you!

Alignment Academy is $99 per mo, and there are no contracts or obligations.

And as a special bonus, Alignment Academy members can schedule one 60 min 1:1 call with me per month at a discounted rate of $100 (Reg $250).

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* Chronic pain/ illness- Somatic coaching helps you feel your sensations more neutrally, which rewires the brain to decrease pain instead of amplifying it.   Most chronic conditions are from learned pain pathways that can be rewired.


*Returning to movement- Somatic coaching is a great way to get back to exercise or normal movements without pain, since training the brain first has no risk of injury!  Sports Psychologists have known the power of visualization with athletes for decades.  We use similar techniques to return to movement in a progressive, safe, effective, and pain-free way.


*Processing emotions- Somatic coaching is how we can process emotions, since emotions are felt in the body.  Trapped emotions are responses learned by the nervous system, and can be can be unlearned with somatic coaching.


*Healing trauma- The same somatic techniques to process pain and emotions are used in healing trauma.  Trauma occurs when something is more than what your nervous system can handle.  By building the capacity of your nervous system through somatic coaching, you can respond differently when triggered without getting stuck in survival states.


*Subconscious breakthroughs for behavior change- Ever wonder why you find yourself repeating unhealthy behaviors?  We can get to the root of them through somatic coaching.  Often something from childhood has primed the nervous system to behave a certain way.  This happens subconsciously before you even have conscious awareness of it.  Behavior change becomes much easier with somatic coaching and addressing the issue at it's root!


*Decreasing anxiety/ depression-  Regulating the nervous system through somatic coaching will prevent getting stuck in fight/flight (anxiety) or freeze/fawn (depression).  You will learn top-down and bottom-up approaches to allow emotions and move through anxious/depressive states.




Somatic Coaching is for you if you:

  • Feel like you are living in chronic survival mode (see chart --->)
  • Want to understand and regulate your nervous system
  • Have chronic pain (more than 6 mo) and want to learn to rewire your brain 
  • Have health fears, or worry about developing new symptoms
  • Have tried traditional treatments and they have not worked
  • Want to deep dive into understanding and processing emotions in your body
  • Want to stop people pleasing, worrying, or beating yourself up
  • Want to develop your intuition, and use your body as a barometer for your alignment
  • Want to return to activities you enjoy, but feel physically limited
  • Feel like you are alone in this process, or want support with this work
  • You've tried this work on your own and can't seem to get the results you want
  • Want to learn more about energetics, the law of attraction, and how to live with more ease and flow




Here's the pricing for 1:1 coaching with Betsy


60 min 1:1 for $100

*One-off sessions with Betsy are only available to Alignment Academy Members

  • Alignment Academy Members¬†($99/mo membership) can purchase¬†a¬†1:1¬†session¬†with Betsy for $100 (Reg $250)
  • Limit 1 per month



  • Learn to regulate your nervous system, reprocess pain, process emotions and reprogram subconscious behavior patterns weekly, 1:1 with Betsy.
  • 27 Sessions
  • Individualized based on your needs and learning style- VIP treatment!
  • Unlimited communication with Betsy through email between sessions.
  • Sessions are 60 min, on Zoom